Prairie Hills Homes Association

Prairie Village, Kansas

About the Prairie Hills Homes Association

The Prairie Hills Homes Association (PHHA) came into existence as a J.C. Nichols subdivision on July 7th, 1950. It was developed for "high-class residence purposes." There are currently 665 members. J. C. Nichols created PHHA for much the same reasons as he did the other 34 associations he established in Kansas and Missouri: to preserve the quality of the residential district and to maintain property values. PHHA maintains the islands and public spaces, enforces deed restrictions, hosts social events, communicates with the City of Prairie Village, and keeps residents informed about pertinent issues and news. PHHA belongs to the Homes Associations of the Country Club District (HACCD), which provides administrative services, such as mailing and billing. Some people call homes associations the most representative and responsive form of democracy found in America today. As a member of the Prairie Hills Homes Association, you have the opportunity to:

  • Determine how money is spent in your neighborhood
  • Participate in an annual garage sale. We handle advertising, post flyers, place signs, and provide maps that show sale locations
  • Enjoy an annual picnic in Windsor Park
  • Enjoy the annual Holiday Homes Tour that gives you a chance to see how some of your neighbors decorate for the holidays
  • Attend an annual dinner to meet neighbors, vote on the budget, and find out what is planned for Prairie Hills in the coming year
  • Enjoy the landscaping that we provide on the 15 islands that grace Prairie Hills streets
  • Enjoy community events like a picnic, garage sale, holiday homes tour, and annual business/social meeting.Receive a free bulletins, which will keep you informed about events and items of interest to the area
  • Get a free directory of all association members with listings by alphabet and by street
  • Get an instant resource of residents recommendations on the best plumbers, electricians, carpenters, lawncare services, and more with the Prairie Hills Recommended Service Provider list
  • Benefit from our "strength in numbers" when it comes to solving neighborhood problems and making sure the city pays attention to Prairie Hills
  • Get to know more about your neighbors and belong to an organization that is dedicated to making sure Prairie Hills remains a desirable place to live
If you are interested in volunteering on the board or on any of the committees, send us an email: PHHA Email

The cost of membership in the homes association varies from $15 to $30 dollars a year, depending on the frontage of your property. Most dues are in the $15 to $24 range.

Prairie Hills Declaration of Restrictions

Prairie Hills residents need to comply with the Prairie Hills Declaration of Restrictions in finalizing building or remodeling plans for residences. Before seeking a building permit from the City of Prairie Village, Prairie Hills homeowners need the approval of the homes association for adding fences or making changes that affect the dimensions of the house. Here is a summary of the restrictions placed on homes in Prairie Hills. Keep in mind that individual lots may vary.

  • The maximum height is limited to 1 1/2 stories, unless the home/property owner receives written permission from the Homes Associations of Kansas City (HAKC).
  • The building size is limited by the setbacks or free space required, whichever is more restrictive. A side yard setback of 10 feet minimum is required, unless the home/property owner receives written permission from the HACCD. The front yard setback is referenced to the Prairie Hills plat which is probably shown graphically (the text provided at the last meeting did not include the plat). The free space required can not be more than 75% of the front yard lot width, again unless the home/property owner receives written permission from HACCD.
  • There are some miscellaneous restrictions on projections allowed within the setback, such as vestibules, bays, porches, trellises, etc, which are not to extend more than 3 feet beyond the front and side building lines. For a copy of the restrictions that pertain to individual lots, contact: Homes Associations of the Country Club District 222 W. Gregory Blvd. Kansas City, MO 64114 (816) 523-2440
Prairie Hills Zoning Ordinances Here are some of the restrictions placed by the City of Prairie Village.
  • The maximum height is limited to 2 1/2 stories, or 35 feet
  • A side yard setback of 4 feet is required at interior lots (with a total of no less than 12 feet between two adjacent homes), while a 15 foot setback is required at the street side of corner lots. A front yard setback of 30 feet is required. A rear yard setback of 25 feet is required.